The decisions we make each day define our lives, whether it’s choosing to have a mammogram or receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

Some of these choices are hard or even fear-inducing. Though you may defer to spouses, friends, relatives, or physicians, only you can best know how each option will impact your daily life and long-term wellbeing.

As a first-time author, I wrote “It’s Time You Knewto support and inform readers so they can more confidently make their own health decisions without anxiety, fear, or medical bias.

My motivation was the love I have for my sisters; my goal was to provide evidence-based medical information to help women navigate their way to better health.

The support and comments I’m receiving from readers are phenomenal. A woman from the U.K. described the book as universal after it helped her understand the steps to take when her Pap test returned abnormal. Another reader wrote, “I would’ve lived my life differently if I had known the medical insights and risk factors I had for cancer”.

This month in my companion podcast, Women’s Health – It’s Time You Knew we examine how being physically active improves our health and wellbeing.

Physical Activity and Cancer Prevention

Exercise is proven to decrease cancer risk as well as the rate of recurrence in those with an established cancer diagnosis.

Headshot of Dr. Peter Rawlek, CEO of GoGetFit

My guest is Dr. Peter Rawlek, CEO and founder of GoGetFit – a habit formation platform aimed at supporting patients in their journeys to becoming more physically active. A former globally ranked athlete and an emergency room physician of more than 15 years, Dr. Rawlek is uniquely qualified to meet his goal of building better healthcare tools for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Making choices involves trusting our wisdom and intuition. Yet, fear can be paralyzing, leading us to sit with anxiety while the decision forces us into an inner conflict.

Being liberated from the fear of making a wrong decision may lead us down unexpected paths in life – paths and opportunities we might otherwise have missed. The decisions we make today are what’s right for the present, even if they are different than what we might decide tomorrow.

Carefully weighed, your decisions will become a reflection of your awareness, desires, and power.

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